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Check-In Questions

Check-In (with your students!)

Checking in with your students is a great way to establish connections. Get insight into their lives, moods, and personalities.

Why I Boiled Our Leopard Gecko

I walked into my classroom Monday morning and found one of our leopard geckos dead. My students were so sad, but I was secretly happy because I could add his…

Science Vocabulary Instruction

Reliance on standardized tests has increased dramatically over the past few decades, as witnessed by sales that grew from $7 million in 1955 to more than $267 million in 1997…

Making a Case for Project-based Learning

STEM is now the hot topic in science education around the world! Why is that? How can this change in the focus of science education possibly prepare our students for…

Literacy in Science and Scientific Literacy

In a conversation with my younger brother, who is the residential and commercial plumbing inspector for one of the large counties in northwest Ohio, we were talking about the time…