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Check-In Questions

Check-In (with your students!)

Checking in with your students is a great way to establish connections. Get insight into their lives, moods, and personalities.

Just Keep Swimming

That little jingle—be honest you sang the title of this blog—has been a constant companion in my classroom. Every time my students get stuck or frustrated, I would lighten the…

Why I Boiled Our Leopard Gecko

I walked into my classroom Monday morning and found one of our leopard geckos dead. My students were so sad, but I was secretly happy because I could add his…

What’s in a Grade?

In ninth grade, I did a leaf collection project for my biology class. My grandfather, a science professor, and my dad, a medical doctor, helped me make sure that my…

Growth Mindset

Carol S. Dweck, author of the book Mindset, has spent decades in research about the factors, which impact achievement and success. She has found that intelligence and talent are not…