Donors Choose!

Many school districts across the country face budget cuts just about every year. In Chicago, teachers are turning to crowdfunding website Donors Choose, which helps them raise funds for classroom necessities. Adriana Diaz reports.

Helping Educators Improve the Quality of Their Instruction

As a teacher leader hones skills associated with excellent teaching practices, the next step is advocating these practices among one’s colleagues and in the wider education community. This teacher action includes practices associated with mentoring and coaching colleagues in professional learning communities as well as connecting with the educational community at large, and finding one’s voice as an advocate in educational policy.

Personal Growth

If one is to become a teacher leader, one must embody the quality of continued personal growth one seeks to promote in others.

Classroom-Assessment Techniques

Effective teachers use various forms of assessment to monitor students’ progress. Assessments are used to track learning retention, but they can also be a way for teacher’s to find out if students are confused, need more clarification, or feel more comfortable with a topic.

New Teacher Survival Guide: Planning

The most important part of learning is what happens in the interaction between the key elements of the classroom, student, curriculum, and teacher. The success of this interaction is the result of lesson design. Whether a teacher is developing original lessons or selecting lessons from external resources, it is important to understand what makes an excellent lesson.