Lara Arch

Curriculum Expert

I was born in Harare, Zimbabwe and immigrated to the US when I was two. I taught for seven years (private and public elementary and high schools) before entering the world of professional development, which I was a part of for three years before I found my way to working on curriculum and embedded professional development. I have been at STEMscopes/STEMcoach for over two years.

Why I Joined STEMcoach

 I joined the STEMcoach team because of the difference that mentoring and modeling has made in my life. Once I saw other teachers implementing the best teaching practices in their classroom, I understood how to implement them in my classroom.

 What I do at STEMcoach

 I am mainly responsible for the brainstorming/creation of the instructional practices and hands-on lessons, which are examples of the instructional practices. I want to contribute to STEMcoach in a way that is practical for every teacher. We will meet a teacher wherever they are, and we will begin to support them in their journey for mastery of this craft.

 My hope for future classrooms . . .

My hope for every classroom is that students are guided toward independence and are given experiences so that they become passionately curious about all aspects of the world.

In my spare time . . .

I love to make tiny terrariums that fit into old glass containers.