Jess Walker

Content Manager
Background: Houston has been my hometown for some time now, but I have spent most of my life between countries and cultures – specifically, the years of my young childhood were spent living in Germany. I graduated from Rice University in 2013 with a Bachelor of Arts in German Studies and Sociology. Currently, I have been accepted to the University of Houston – Clear Lake, where I will be pursuing my Masters Degree in Digital Media Studies the fall of 2014. Why did you join STEMcoach? I joined STEMcoach because I want to help change the education system. I want to provide teachers with the right tools so that they can make the biggest impact on their students and consequently, the future. What do you do at STEMcoach? I am the STEMcoach Site Manager. STEMcoach is our ALL-STEM, All-the-time, ALL-FREE Teacher Professional Development website. My responsibilities include managing and creating all the content (text, video, etc.) for the site. What are your hopes for the future classroom? My hope for the future classroom is simple. I would like to see all students, no matter their background, have the same opportunities at experiencing, first-hadn, the material they are learning so that they can take those experiences and apply within the context of their own lives to become happy people of this world.  In my spare time… You can find me performing on stages all over Texas and hopefully soon the United States. I have been singing, playing guitar, and writing songs since I was 13 years old. Music has been my life. I love its ability to highlight the shared experiences of every person in this world. I don’t know what I would do without it.