James Browning


I was born in New Orleans, Louisiana and later moved to Houston, Texas. I received my B.S. from the Radio-Television-Film department at the University of Texas at Austin. Since then, I founded the company NAK Productions, which provides video production, web design, and IT consulting services. I have also been a part of the STEMscopes team since 2012. Why I joined STEMcoach? Although I do not come from a teaching background, I appreciate the time and dedication that is spent on become a better teacher. If I can assist in that process by creating concise videos that will help teachers, and therefore help students, I am eager to get on board. Plus, science is pretty cool. What I do at STEMcoach? I contribute to STEMcoach through video. Whether it is in classroom, at conferences, or in the studio, I provide new and interesting content in an easily accessible format. My hope for the future classroom . . . In the future, I hope all classrooms have easy access to all types of information. In addition to just teaching the facts, I think it is most important to focus on collaboration while encouraging students to go out and find information on their own. In my spare time . . . I love video production, event organization, and interactive lighting design. I also like spending time with my bulldog, Mudge.