Brandi Nicholson

Professional Development & Curriculum Expert
After graduating from Texas Tech University, I became a certified Montessori Secondary I and II teacher. I taught at the School of the Woods Montessori in Houston for five years while also training future Montessori teachers. This led me to the Rice Elementary Model Science Lab where I helped public school teachers implement best constructivist practices in their classrooms with a focus on student-centered design on at all levels of instruction. Why I Joined STEMcoach The teacher I am today is because of the special relationships I had (and continue to have) with my personal mentors and coaches. I believe that if we want to grow as teachers, we must have support and guidance from true masters. I came to Accelerated Learning so that I can pass on the lessons I have learned to teachers all over the nation. What I do at STEMcoach I am one of two Elementary Curriculum Managers. You will see and hear me actively participating in our STEMcoach Early Childhood trainings and discussions. I am going to help you demystify the NGSS standards. My hopes for the future classroom is . . . My ideal classroom is a beautiful, inviting space that draws out a child's natural curiosity. The class is a place of imagination, creation, and the ultimate adventure in exploration. In my spare time . . . I spend time with my beautiful family.  We race vintage sports cars, play baseball, and we love to blow bubbles with our babies.