Project Based Learning in the classroom!

Project-Based Learning (PBL) not only more accurately reflects the nature of how skills are applied in the real world, it also creates a learning environment more likely to engage students.

Scientific Literacy in the classroom!

The field of science has its own set of skills and knowledge. As science continues to play a greater role in society, the need to be scientifically literate is increasingly important.

Quality Questioning in the classroom!

An essential aspect of facilitating student understanding is insight into student thinking. This insight is best provided by observing how students are able to communicate their understanding.

Sustained Inquiry in the classroom!

A lifelong learner is one who is able to generate and answer their own questions. Creating this kind of learner requires experience with all aspects of inquiry.

Creating a positive culture in the classroom!

The classroom environment must be a safe place for students, so that they feel comfortable taking risks and engaging in the learning experience.